Radiation, Air Quality, Weather Monitoring
and Pollutant Source Regions

Description of the Weather Monitoring System

The Davis Vantage Vue, located about 5 m from the west side of the building on a 2 m pole over a grassy area, measures rain, wind, temperature, and humidity in a self-contained sensor suite. The sensors and transmitter are solar-powered with a battery backup. A passive radiation shield provides for more accurate temperature and humidity readings. The weather data updates every 2.5 seconds wirelessly to the WeatherLink Live receiver, which also contains a barometer, and inside temperature and humidity sensors. The data then uploads every 15 min to, Weather Underground, and the CWOP network via Wi-Fi. More information about the Vantage View is available from the Davis web site. The measurements are saved locally every two minutes. The wind speed and direction are the maximum and average values, respectively, over the last 10 minutes, while temperature and dew point are the instantaneous values. Precipitation is shown as an hourly rate every two minutes. Uploads to the web server occur at less frequent intervals. The long-term meteorology data archive can be accessed by entering the end time of the six hour segment. Although data collection started 15 August 2019, online access is only available from 1 January 2020. A graphical summary of the meteorology can also be created for each six hour period or for the period from the last cycle to the current time.

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