Base Configuration Optimization

Previous 3D Particle Simulation

Optimized Simulation for Aircraft Data

  • Finer concentration grid at aircraft sampling level defined in m MSL
  • Use horizontal Gaussian particle model for smoother looking results
  • Reduced averaging time to more closely match 6 min aircraft collection
  • What happens to the tracer release height when units equal MSL?

0.25 to 0.05

   concentration grid resolution

initd = 4

   namelist top-hat-horizontal particle-vertical

numpar = 5000

   namelist particle release number

initd = 3

   namelist Gaussian-horizontal particle-vertical

kmsl = 1

   namelist for MSL


   run time


   number of layers

800 1000

   concentration layer

00 01 00

   averaging time


   save control file


   save setup file