Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis System

The system runs unattended on a Linux based PC. Radiation monitoring data are collected in real-time. Eighteen hour forecast meteorological fields are obtained four times each day (0000, 0600, 1200, and 1800 UTC) and the previous six hours of monitoring data are plotted. The upwind dilution patterns are then computed for each each six hour period assuming a measurement value of one unit per hour. The sampling time indicated on the top of the plot as the period between the two times indicated. The graphics are then automatically uploaded to the web site. The UTC time of the upload is indicated in the first column next to each graphic. The times should be used to determine the most current graphic. Previous day's graphics for the last month are available from the monthly archive page.

Conversion of UTC (Greenwich or Z time) to Eastern Time:
0000 UTC = 2000 EDT = 1900 EST
0600 UTC = 0200 EDT = 0100 EST
1200 UTC = 0800 EDT = 0700 EST
1800 UTC = 1400 EDT = 1300 EST