Description of the Radiation Monitoring System

The RM-60 Micro-Roentgen radiation monitor Aware Electronics has been set up in a private residence to provide real-time background radiation levels. The monitoring results are linked with the current meteorological data analysis to provide an estimate of the potential source region of the monitoring data. The RM-60 is located on the south side of the building, adjacent, but inside, with GM tube's mica opening perpendicular to a single pane window. Indoor background levels are normal and therefore only gamma (and perhaps beta) radiation is expected to be detected from outside sources. The RM-60 unit uses linux code to monitor the serial port, saving the count every 2 minutes averaged over 5 minute intervals. Display units are micro-R per hour divided into six hour periods, which defines the sampling window for the graphic display. The end time of the sampling window corresponds to the times of the upwind trajectory analysis.

To put the RM-60 readings in perspective some units conversion is in order:
1 Sv (Sievert) = 100 R = 0.05 cancer risk (according to ICRP)
1 micro-Sv = 100 micro-R (display units)
1 Sv = 1.0E+08 micro-R
2.0E-05 Sv = 1.0E-06 cancer risk (one in a million)
2000 micro-R = 1.0E-06 cancer risk
100000 micro-R = maximum range of RM-60

Additional information on radiation units