Radiation, Air Quality, Weather Monitoring
and ADAPT Modeling Results
Last Update: 2023-06-02 Fri 23:30:53 EDT

Shown below are the most current graphic summaries from a real-time Aware Electronics radiation monitor, a particulate monitor by PurpleAir and a Davis Vantage View weather station. All instruments are co-located in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. The meteorological source analysis was done using the ADAPT model. The color filled regions represent the direction of the source of the air measured by the various sensors for each six hour period. The pollutant source and sensor plots are updated four times per day. Only the last four updates are shown below. Click on any of the column titles for more detailed descriptions. Click on any image for an enlarged version of the graphic. Graphics from the last 31 days monitoring are available from the monthly archive.

00Z 00Z Update Time Radiation at 00Z Upwind sources at 00Z
06Z 06Z Update Time Radiation at 06Z Upwind sources at 06Z
12Z 12Z Update Time Radiation at 12Z Upwind sources at 12Z
18Z 18Z Update Time Radiation at 18Z Upwind sources at 18Z